Beanbag Scramble


Open Space


Beanbags, hoops


Class are divided into four even teams and line up in a single file behind their hoop. Four hoops are placed equal distance from a central hoop which contains 20-30 bean bags. On the teachers signal each member of the team, in turn, runs to collect a bean bag from the central hoop to return to their hoop. Only one beanbag can be collected at a time and must be placed into their hoop, not thrown. Once the bean bag has been placed the next in line runs to collect another bean bag from the central hoop. This process continues until all bean bags have been removed from the central hoop, at this point opposition hoops are opening to stealing. No student waiting their turn can protect their own hoop. At the completion of a set time the team with the most beanbags are declared the winners.


Set a bean bag target instead of running for a designated time. For example the first to collect 8 bean bags.

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