Continuous Cricket


Any open space


Soft ball, cricket wickets, cones/markers


Two even teams are required, one are batters, the other fielders. Batters are to line up in batting order behind the playing areas but close to the wickets. Fielders spread out in the playing area with the bowler standing behind the bowling mark about 6 metres in front of the wickets. Bowler bowls underarm so that the ball bounces at least once in front of the batter. The batter hits the ball and attempts to run around the designated cone placed about 10 metres parallel from the wicket. The batter must run on each hit and can score as many runs on each hit as possible. Fielders collect the ball and return it to the designated bowler who can bowl as soon as they receive the ball. Batter keeps batting until they are dismissed. Once dismissed the next batter runs out to the wicket and continues to bat. Bowler can bowl at any time when in possession, even if the new batter has not reached the wicket. Batters can be dismissed if they are bowled or caught or if attempting to hit the ball they hit their own wicket. Teams change roles when all batters have had their turn at the wicket.


Chance the method of striking to kicking etc

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