Continuous two-a-side soccer


Any open space


Indoor soccer ball, colourbands, cones/markers


Two even teams line up along opposite sidelines of the playing area. Each team member is given a number that corresponds to opposite team members. Teacher places a soccer ball in the middle of playing area and calls out two numbers. Both numbers from each side run out and attempt to pass the ball between them to score a goal which is marked out by two cones on both end lines. Normal soccer rules apply. Sideline players are encouraged to move along with the play and can participate by passing the ball back into play. As play continues the teacher can call out new numbers at which point the four players on court run to the sideline and are replaced by the new numbers who continue the game. If a goal is scored, play stops and the ball returns to the centre before resuming again with a new set of numbers.


Increase or decrease playing area. Modify soccer ball to netball or football etc

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