Dodgers and Runners


Hall, grass, hard surface.


Soft Volleyballs, Cones or markers


Class are divided into two even teams, known as the fielders and the dodgers/runners. The dodgers/runners line up in pairs on the baseline outside of the playing area, while the fielders spread out within the playing area. First pair of dodgers and runners have a soft volleyball which the dodger throws into the playing area. The thrown ball must land or bounce inside the playing area.

Once the ball has been thrown the runner attempts to run around the playing area which has been marked by four corner cones. As the runner attempts to run around the playing area , the dodger enters the playing area and tries to dodge the ball which is thrown by the fielders. Fielders must attempt to hit the dodger below the shoulder, however they cannot run with the ball.

The runner must attempt to get all the way around the area before the dodger has been hit by the fielders ball. If the runner gets home, fielders stop, if the dodger gets hit the runner stops. Each pair of dodgers and runners get a turn to either dodge or run and then the fielders have a turn.

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  1. The number of dodgers can be increased to make game more challanging for the dodgers and runners because there will be more balls in the area so fielders can find extra chance to throw balls…

  2. If you have a line waiting to become the dodger/fielder-the next in line then becomes the coach(es) providing warning or strategies. One person is warning the doger on balls heading his/her direction and the other is helping the infield team on where to aim his/her throw. The remainder of the line is performing stretches.

  3. You can have level the way fielders get dodgers out; any body part, below the waist, must bounce the ball to hit dodger, pass to teammate for an alley-oop , etc! Or have all fielders touch the ball before they attempt to throw the dodger out!

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