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Two Basketballs, One Hoop, Four Cones


Divide the class into two even teams. Teams stand facing each other about 4 metres apart. Each team member stands with an arms distance between each other. Teacher numbers each student from the left hand side to the right hand side so that number one in one team is standing opposite the last number in the opposing team. Teacher places a hoop with two basketballs in it between the two teams. Four cones are placed in the four corners of the court area. When a teacher calls out a number, the corresponding two students run to the hoop and dribble a basketball clockwise around their team and place the ball back into the hoop. They then run to the front of the team and the whole team forms a chain and without breaking the chain they all run clockwise around the two cones on their side of the area and back to their original starting positions. One point is scored for the first team to replace the basketball and three points for the first team back in the original starting position. Teacher calls out another number and the game continues.

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