Island Tag


Hall, grass, hard surface.


8-10 hoops, 8-10 skipping ropes.


Hoops and ropes scattered around the area, close enough together to jump from hoop to hoop or rope to hoop. One or 2 players are “it” and can move anywhere on the ground. All other players must move from hoop to hoop or along a skipping rope. Taggers chase the other players, who are safe if inside a hoop – only 2 children may be in 1 hoop. Any players not in a hoop may be tagged and must swap places with the tagger. Any players who move off a rope or hoop onto the ground when being chased take over as “it”.

Video Explanation 


Allow only 1 child per hoop. The number of hoops can be increased or decreased depending on the size of the class.

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