Any indoor court area


Soft nerf style balls, cones


Players divide into two even teams. One team are designated the fielders and spread out in the playing area. The other are the batters and line up in batting order behind a baseline, which is known as the tagging line. The first batter places the ball anywhere on the tagging line and kicks it into the playing area. After kicking the ball into fair territory the batter attempts to run around a base which is located three quarters down the playing area. They then must return across the tagging line without being hit by the ball. Fielders attempt to field the ball and pass it amongst themselves to hit the batter below the shoulder. Fielders are not allowed to move with the ball and are encouraged to pass quicky amongst their team mates. If a batter successfully crosses the tagging line they receive one point and the next in line repeats the process. If the batter is hit with the ball, they call loudly ‘HIT’. On this signal all fielders attempt to run across the tagging line before the hit batter can tag them with their hand. Each tagged fielder is worth one point for the batting side. Once all fielders are over the tagging line the game resumes with the next batter in line commencing. After all batters have had a turn, teams swap roles.

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