Any open space approximately basketball size


Soft volleyball, 2 gym mats or similar, colourbands


Two even teams spread out around the playing area. Each team has a goalie standing on their team mats. Mats are placed at each end inside playing area, about 3-4 metres from the wall. All other players spread themselves out in the playing area and are free to move anywhere except on the mats. Play can even occur behind the mats. Goalies are not allowed to touch any part of the playing area. Game begins with a throw up between two opposing players in the centre of the area. Teams attempt to score a goal by passing the ball to their goalie who catches it without moving off the mat. Opposing players attempt to intercept passes and gain possession so that they can move the ball to score a goal on their mat. Goalies change every goal so they every team member spends time on the mat. No running with the ball allowed. No contact of any sort allowed. Once a goal is scored the opposing team restart play from beside the mat on which the goal was scored.


Increase or decrease the size of the playing area or number of mats

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