Ring the Stick


Any indoor court area


Colour bands, quoits, 2 stable chairs, 2 relay battons or other short stick


Two even teams choose a goalie who stands on a chair at each end of the playing area approx 4-5 metres inside of the court area. The game is started by a coin toss, with the winner taking initial possession. Players attempt to pass the quoit between team mates to finally throw it to the goalie standing on the chair so that the goalie can catch it on the relay batton or short stick they are using. Each chair is to be placed inside of hula hoop or marked area so that no player can interfere with the chair. If contact is made to the goalies chair an automatic goal is scored. The goalie is not allowed to step off the chair otherwise the opposition receive a penalty throw. After each goal is scored the team scoring the goal switches goalies.

Video Explanation

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