Robbers Nest


Hall, grass, hard surface


5 volleyballs, hula hoops, cones/markers


The class is divided into two even teams. One team are designated as fielders, the other as batters. Fielders spread out anywhere in the playing area, while batters line up in single file beside the hoop containing the balls. First batter in the line moves to the hoop and as fast as they can throws all the balls from the hoop into the playing area. The batter then runs as many times as they can around a line made by their teammates, who are lined up in single file awaiting a turn as batter. For each lap completed the team receives one point. Fielders move as soon as the first ball is thrown and attempt to place all the balls back inside the hoop as quickly as possible. Balls can be carried by fielders or thrown to fielders who place them inside the hoop. As soon as the last ball is placed back inside the hoop, all players call out “STOP” at which point the batter must stop running. The next batter in line then repeats the process, while the first batter moves to the end of the line. Game continues until all players have had a turn batting and then teams swap roles. The team with the highest number of points is designated the winners.


Use awaiting students to throw the balls into the playing area to maximise playing time and minimise waiting time

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