Any open area inside or outside


Soft volleyball, bases, cones


Two teams one batting the other fielding. Batting team line up behind home base. Batting team in turn attempt to hit the bowled ball with an open hand into the playing areas and run around the 4 bases to home base. Batters can run more than one base but must be touching a base when the ball is returned to the pitcher. There can be more than one batter on each base. Batters can pass previous batters if they wish. The pitcher starts the game by pitching the ball to the batter so that it bounces at least once in front of the batter. The fielders spread out in the playing area and attempt to collect the batted ball and quickly return it to the pitcher. When the ball is caught by the pitcher the fielding team call out “STOP”. If any batter is off base they are out. Game continues until 5 batters are out. Batters are also out if they are caught with the ball. Fielders can run with a ball or pass it to team mates who quickly get it to the pitcher.


Utilise and tennis racquet or a bat instead of open hand

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