Skittle Run


Any indoor or outdoor playing area approx basketball sized


Soft volleyball, Cones/Markers


Two even teams are chosen. One is designated runners and the other fielders. Fielders spread out around the playing area with a few standing in a circle around a skittle or cone, which has been placed in the centre of the playing area inside of a hula hoop. Runners organise themselves into pairs and stand in two lines outside the playing area. On the start signal one of the running pair throw a ball into the playing area and commence running around the whole court area. Their partner runs to the circle containing the skittle to protect the skittle being hit by the ball. The fielding team pass the ball around without running with the ball so that a clear shot can be made at the skittle. The fielders attempt to knock over the skittle before the runner completes their full circuit of the court area. Once back to the starting position the runner calls out ‘STOP’ The runner protecting the skittle can only block the ball with their legs or arms and cannot kick or throw the ball. No member of the fielding team can step into the circle. The game continues until each pair of runners has thrown the ball then the teams change roles.


All fielders must touch the ball before a shot at the skittle can be made

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