Tunnel Dribble Shoot


Basketball court


Basketball, five cones per team, basketball backboard


Class is divided into 4 even teams. Each team line up one end of the playing area facing a netball of basketball goal.

Team members are spaced in single file about 1 metre apart with a line of 5 cones out in front of their team. Front student in each team is given a ball. On the teacher’s signal all team members jump astride as the front student rolls the ball down the line so that it passes between the legs of every team members until it is stopped by the end student. Students in the line may touch the ball and help it on its way down the line. The last student in each line picks up the ball and dribbles it down the right side of their team, weaves through the cones in front of their team until they can take a shot at goal (one shot only).

After their shot the student dribbles the ball back through the cones until they are back at the front of their team. While this is happening each team members has moved bac one position. This sequence is completed until all team members have had a turn and the original leader runs back to the front of the team. Every goal that a team shoots successfully scores two points and the first team finished the relay score an extra 5 points.

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