Variation Baseball


Any open area inside or outside


Soft volleyball, cones/markers, colourbands


Two even teams are required. Batters line up in batting order along the end line. Fielders spread out over the playing area with one fielder nominated as the pitcher. Pitcher bowls an underarm ball to the batter who hits the ball with an open hand into the playing area. Batter attempts to run to the safe area at the opposite end of the playing area. The batter can choose to stay in the safe area while the next batter comes to bat but may run back on the same hit. The batting side can have a maximum of 3 batters waiting to run home in the safe area. To score batters must run home, back across the batting line. Fielders attempt to field the ball and hit the batter when they are outside of the safe area. Fielders can take one step only with the ball and must pass the ball around to teammates in order to hit the batter on the full below shoulder height. Once a batter has moved outside the safe area on the way home they cannot return to the safe area. Three batters can run home at the same time. Once all batters have had a turn, the teams swap positions.


Change size of ball or method of hitting

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