Wheel Relay


Any open space


Four balls or battons, cones equal to number of teams


Class is divided into four equal teams. Each team stands in a straight line facing anti-clockwise 90 degrees from each other, forming what looks like the four spokes of a wheel. Number one student from each team places a cone down in front of their team, which forms the hub of the wheel. Number one in each team has a ball and on the teachers signal passes the ball to the back of the line so that each individual member passes the ball in turn to the next in line. When the end student receives the ball they run in an anti-clockwise direction around all other teams carrying the ball and run to the front of their team. While the runner is moving around the circle, the rest of the team move back one place. The ball continues to be passed down the teams until number one receives the ball at the back of their team and completes the run. When number one returns to the front of their team line they hold the ball aloft to signify that they have completed the race.


Add more teams to make up the spokes

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