An activity designed to encourage participants to let their inhibitions go and act like a beetle!



How to Play

  1. Explain to participants that the group will be playing a game for the duration of the activity, camp, day etc
  2. Instruct group members that at anytime one person in the group (the ‘beetle’) can call out “Beetle” loudly
  3. When it is called players must quickly fall onto their backs, kick their legs and wave their arms like a beetle that has fallen and cannot get up
  4. The last person to assume the position becomes the new beetle – this is judged by the current ‘beetle’ who remains standing on the call


  • At the beginning of the activity, please instruct players to call ‘beetle’ in a safe and appropriate area
  • Ideal activity to play on bushwalks, snow camps or activities where players are constantly on their feet

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