Chuck The Chicken

A fun, exciting group game where participants work together to achieve the highest score.


A rubber chicken (or could be substituted for any other item that can be easily thrown around the room)

How to Play

  1. Divide participants into two even teams, give one group the chicken
  2. Explain that the team with the chicken starts the game by throwing it anywhere in the designated playing area (you need to set this at the beginning – make sure it away from stairs, water etc)
  3. Once they have thrown the chicken, they form a circle and one person runs laps of the circle – the team is to count the number of laps outloud
  4. The other team immediately runs to where the chicken was thrown
  5. They now form a straight line and must pass the chicken over and under the participants until it reaches the end
  6. Once at the end, they yell out ‘STOP!’ and the last person must throw the chicken anywhere in the playing area
  7. The group then forms a circle and counts their laps
  8. The other team retrieves the chicken and lines up
  9. Game continues until you are satisfied they are warmed up and ready to go!

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