Electric Fence


A rope

How to Play

  1. Firstly, tie the rope between two trees/poles at a height that is approximately hip height of your tallest participants (approx 1m for most groups)
  2. Have your group stand together on one side of the ‘electric fence’ (the rope)
  3. Explain that the fence is extremely dangerous so nobody can touch it, also stress that cannot go under it as there are invisible ‘lasers’ that will zap!
  4. The aim is for all group members to get over to the otherside without anyone being ‘zapped’
  5. If the fence is touched, all group members must go back across to the otherside and start again
  6. Upon completion facilitate a detailed discussion about the groups performance and discuss the importance of teamwork


  • Some players will attempt to simply jump the fence – rule this out early as it defeats the purpose of the exercise
  • Players will hopefully figure out ways to safely assist others over, however it is crucial to ensure you are monitoring safety at all times

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