A game that has participants laughing and interacting with each other.



How to Play

  1. Firstly, teach and demonstrate the following actions to participants: Egg – players bobbing down, jumping around on their feet, Chicken – standing up, flapping ‘wings’ like a chicken, Ape – walking around banging chest like an ape and Super human – walking around making the Superman arm action
  2. Explain that players will need to compete in various rounds of ‘rock, paper, scissors’
  3. To begin, all players begin as eggs
  4. They must approach another egg and play ‘rock, paper, scissors’ to determine a winner
  5. The winner evolves into a chicken and must now find another chicken to compete against
  6. The loser stays as an egg and must find another egg to compete against
  7. Players continue until they move through all four phases
  8. The game ends when there is one egg, chicken and ape, and lots of super humans

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