A fast, exciting reaction game.



How to Play

  1. Instruct players to stand in a circle
  2. Players need to place their left hand, palm facing up in front of their belly button
  3. Now they need to place their right hand, index finger only pointing down, resting in the left palm of the player to their right
  4. As the leader, you need to call “Got-ya!” outloud when all players are ready and listening
  5. On the call, players must try to catch the finger of the person to their left whilst also moving their right hand so it is not caught by the person to their right
  6. After the call, allow students time to reset before calling “Got-ya” again


  • To increase the difficulty of the game, as well as setting hands in place, players can also use their feet. To do this, players position their right foot just above the left foot of the player to their right and their left foot facing directly forward. On “Got-ya”, players must try to step on the foot to their right and quickly move their left foot inwards so it is not stepped on.

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