Group Juggle

A game that has participants thinking and reacting quickly!


Soft objects that can be thrown around the circle safely

How to Play

  1. Instruct everyone to stand in a circle
  2. Introduce the first ball/object, say your own name outloud followed by another persons in the circle and throw the object to them
  3. They must then say their own name, followed by anothers and pass the object on
  4. This continues until it returns to the start (you)
  5. You now have the passing order for the game (you may like to repeat it once more so participants are certain on the order)
  6. Restart the game with the first object – remind participants to say the names loudly and to keep the same order throughout
  7. Once it about half way, introduce another item – participants must now be ready to react to two different objects coming around the circle
  8. Depending on the ability and size of your group, introduce more objects at your own discretion
  9. The game should move quickly after a number of rounds as participants learn the order and names


  • This game could be used to learn participants goals and challenges. Participants say their name, followed by a sentence that describes their feelings and then they pass the object onto another person

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