Horse, Knights & Cavaliers

A deinhibitiser that will have everyone laughing in no time!



How to Play

  1. Instruct group members to find themselves a partner
  2. Have partners stand opposite one another approximately 15m apart
  3. Ask one partnership to move into the middle and use these people to demonstrate the three actions ‘Horses’, ‘Knights’ and ‘Cavaliers’
  4. The actions are: HORSES – one person moves onto their all fours, while partner sits on top like the jockey. KNIGHTS – one person moves onto one knee and holds a pretend sword in the air, while their partner sits on their knee like a princess. CAVALIERS – one person picks up their partner in the style of a groom carrying his wife.
  5. On the call, participants run into the middle and perform the appropriate action. For example, if you call horses, they will run in and one person will quickly move to al fours while the other sits on top like a jockey.
  6. The last couple to form the action are either eliminated or receive a point (on three points they could be eliminated etc)

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