Look Up Look Down

A fun game designed help participants ease into a group by letting their inhibitions go.



How to Play

  1. Start with participants standing in a circle with their heads down
  2. As the facilitator, call out “Look Up”
  3. Participants must look up directly at someone else in the group
  4. If two participants are looking directly at one another they must scream out loud
  5. The person who screams last is eliminated, they must step back from the circle or sit dow
  6. Facilitator then instructs players to “Look Down” and repeat the process above
  7. Continue until there are two players remaining in the game
  8. Facilitate a game of ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ to declare a winner


  • If you have large numbers of participants you could run two or more circles at once. In this case, when a person is eliminated from one game they must then move on to the next circle and join in – making it a continuous activity

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