Never Have I

A fast, interactive game that helps participants learn a lot about others in a short amount of time.


Optional – can be played with or without markers (eg. leaves)

How to Play

  1. Have participants stand in a circle
  2. Instruct them to mark their spot, this could be done by scratching an X into the dirt or placing a leaf on ground. If you cannot mark spots, do not worry as the game still works
  3. One person starts in the middle of the circle and says “Never have I ever…” followed by something they have never done (eg. “Never have I ever been skydiving”)
  4. Participants in the circle who have experienced the activity mentioned must move from their spot (fast walking is advisable, not running) and find a new one
  5. The last person to arrive at a new spot must now stand in the middle and continue the game by saying “Never have I ever…”


  • Can be played in pairs. If one or both members has done the activity mentioned they must both move into the centre (arms linked), find a new partner, then find a new spot – this will leave one person without a partner or a spot
  • You could also play the game as “Have you ever..” or “Move your butt if..”

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