Nits & Worms

A tagging game that has players laughing and working together.



How to Play

  1. Halve the group of participants
  2. Instruct one group that they are the ‘Nits’ – they must place both hands on their head
  3. The other group are ‘Worms’ – they place both hands on the bottom
  4. On “Go” players must run around the designated area attempting to tag members of the opposite team
  5. If tagged, players swap teams and continue trying to tag others from the opposite group
  6. Aim of the game is for one group to turn all participants into either nits or worms
  7. Game ends when this is completed


  • If the terms “nits” and “worms” are not appropriate for your group or you believe some players may be offended, you may wish to change the name of the game to “heads & tails”

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