Romeo & Juliet

An entertaining way to get participants interacting!



How to Play

  1. Divide the participants into two even teams (easy way is to ask them to pair up)
  2. Have one person from each pair move to one side of the playing area and their partner to the opposite side facing them
  3. Instruct one side that they are ‘Romeo’ and when they hear Romeo that must flex their muscles and say “grrrr” loudly
  4. The otherside are ‘Juliet’ and when they hear their name they must make a femine move by flicking their right leg and throwing both hands up whilst saying “ohhhh”
  5. As the instructor you now yell out ‘Romeo’ or ‘Juliet’ in any pattern you wish (for example, Romeo-Romeo-Juliet-Romeo etc) and they must make the moves when they are called
  6. When you feel it is appropriate too, you can yell “Romeo & Juliet!”
  7. Participants must now run into the middle and meet their partners
  8. Romeo must take a knee and Juliet is to sit on it and hold Romeo around the neck
  9. The last pair to come together and get into the position is eliminated
  10. Continue until you are left with only two pairs left in the game and run the final round

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