Jump Jim Jo

Students Whole class

Equipment Tape deck/CD player and music

Area Large open space


Students form two rings, one inner circler and one outer, facing a partner, and hold their partner’s hands.

4 counts: Students jump twice slowly anti-clockwise. Jump, jump.

Students jump 3 quick jumps on the spot … pause. Oh, jump Jim Jo.

4 counts: They release hands, and jump 4 times slowly around on the spot. Take a little jump and around you go.

4 counts: Students hold each other’s hands and side step and close twice slowly anti-clockwise. Slide, slide. Stamp 3 times … pause. And stamp just so.

4 counts: Students step left and turn on the spot. You’re a funny little fellow. they jump 3 quick jumps on the spot… pause. When you Jump Jim Jo.”


Students are in their own space or in a single circle

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