Jumping circuit

Students Whole class

Equipment See diagram and activity description

Area Grassed surface open space


Set up 7 activity stations. Groups of students spend 3 minutes at each station and rotate on a signal.

Warm up: ‘Jack in the Box’, ‘Pop Goes the Weasel’, or teach ‘motorbike landings’.

Station 1: Students vertical jump over a cane placed on small marker cones, a wooden block or soft cushion and land in a hoop or chalk circle.

Station 2: Students climb on to a box or foam shape and vertical jump on to a mark such as a cross, on a mat. The landing should be in a ‘motorbike’ position.

Station 3: Students devise a jumping pattern of vertical jumps and hops in hoops, or vertical jumps into blue hoops and hops in other colours using a different foot. For example: red = right foot, green = left foot.

Station 4: Students vertical jump to touch a suspended ball, soft toy or balloon.

Station 5: Students vertical jump 10 times on a trampette with their hands touching the wall for support, then vertical jump off to motorbike land on a mat.

Station 6: Students skip with a rope and jump as high as possible. They push off the balls of their feet and extend their toes. Encourage students to try to keep a rhythm.

Station 7: Students crouch to touch the seat of a chair behind them then vertical jump up to touch a wall in front.

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