Long Ball

Students 2 groups of 6-8

Equipment 1 softball, 1 bat, 2 marker cones and 2 bases per 2 groups.

Area Large open space.


In this activity, the striker hits the ball far and runs all the way to long base and back trying not to get caught out.  A pitcher from the fielding group throws the ball. The striker must reach the base before the ball or before being tagged with the ball. They may stay there or try to return home. If the base is left, the striker cannot return. Several students may be on long base at one time. When all the strikers have had a turn, the groups change. The marker cones are used to determine foul territory.


Play by outs (eg. 3 out = all out). Use a batting tee. Students throw the ball up and hit it. Place a mat midway between home and the long base and have the striker perform a stunt on the way to and from the long base (eg. a forward roll).

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