Skittle Softball

Students 2 groups of 8-10

Equipment 1 softball, 1 bat, 4 bases and 4 skittles or milk cartons per 2 groups

Area Large open space.


Set 4 bases in a softball diamond formation. The activity is similar to softball except there is a skittle on the outside corner of each base and in the middle of the home plate. The pitcher throws the ball so that the striker can hit it. The striker hits the ball into fair territory and then runs outside the bases and touches home plate. The fielders retrieve the ball and pass it to the fielders at first, second, third and home base. When the base fielders receive the ball they knock down the skittle on their base and throw the ball to the next base. The striker is out if the ball is caught, if they knock down a skittle or if the 4 skittles are knocked down by the fielders before the striker runs home.  Rotate base fielders after each innings. When all the strikers have had a turn the groups change.


. Play by outs (eg. 3 out = all out)

. Students use a batting tee.

. Student use a rounders bat and a tennis ball.

. Vary the number of skittles and the distance between bases according to the ability of students.

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