Stop Softball

Students 2 groups of 6-10

Equipment 1 tennis ball or softball, 1 bat and 4 marker cones or bases per 2 groups

Area Large open space


A student hits the ball and runs around all the bases without stopping before a fielder catches the ball, yelling “Stop.” The striker throws the ball up and hits it into the field. The fielders throw the ball directly home to the catcher. There are no outs. A caught ball results in no score. A foul ball counts as a turn at batting. A runner who is between bases when stop is called, returns to base. When all the strikers have had a turn, the groups change.


Students use a batting tee. Use a pitcher. Instead of the fielders throwing the ball to the catcher, have them throw it to a pitcher, who must pitch a ball over home base to the catcher to stop the striker. Use a different pitcher for each striker.

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