Each team may have 5 players on the court and up to 5 substitutes whom can be interchanged at any stage.

Game Length

Games consist of 4 by 12 minute quarters, with each half commencing with a jump ball in the centre circle. During the jump ball the ball must be tapped to team members who must be outside the centre circle.


To score you must shoot the ball into the opponents hoop from above. The points scored are as follows

  • Three Points – Ball thrown from outside the three point arc
  • Two Points – Ball thrown from inside the three point arc
  • One Point – Ball thrown from the free throw line after being awarded a free throw

Advancing the Ball

The ball is advanced up the court by either passing, dribbling or shooting

  • Passing – A ball thrown with a flat hand
  • Dribbling – Continuous bouncing of the ball as the player runs with it. Contact with the ball must be with one hand only and the player may take unlimited bounces. Dribbling finishes when the ball is caught or rested in one hand, a player cannot recommence dribbling until after the ball is passed, shot or stolen.


A player who catches the ball whilst standing on both feet may choose which foot to pivot on. A player who receives a ball whilst moving, must pivot on the foot they landed on.


  • 30 Second Rule – Upon gaining possession of the ball a team has 30 seconds to shoot
  • 10 Second Rule – Upon gaining possession of the ball in the back court a team has 10 seconds to advance the ball over the centre line
  • 5 Second Rule – When taking a throw in a player has 5 seconds to bring the ball into play
  • 3 Second Rule – Attacking players are not permitted to stay in the opponent’s key area for more than 3 seconds – Each time a shot is taken the 3-second time re-commences.

Out of bounds

A player is out of bounds when touching the floor or any object outside the side or base line

The ball is out of bounds when it touches

  • A player or any other person out of bounds
  • The floor or any object out of bounds
  • The back of the backboard, any overhead objects or the roof

If the ball goes out of bounds it is thrown in from the nearest side/base line

Personal Fouls

  • If a player with the ball is touched, held, bumped, struck, tripped, pushed, blocked then a personal foul is awarded.
  • If the foul occurs in general play a throw in from the sideline is awarded, or if the foul occurs during the act of shooting one or more free throws are awarded. If the original shot was not successful then the player is awarded two free throws (or three if the shot was taken from the three point line). Alternatively if the shot was successful then the 2 or 3 points are awarded, plus one extra throw is given.
  • If a player without the ball in a correct/stationary defensive manner is charged by a player with the ball a personal foul is given against the player with the ball

Free Throws

The free throw must be taken from behind the free throw line and all other players must be outside the key area. If a second free throw does not hit the ring (.i.e misses altogether) or if it is successful the play is restarted from behind the base line with a throw in. If the second free throw bounces off the ring (without scoring) it is “play on” and players are free to compete for the ball

Technical Fouls

Technical fouls involve no contact by include unsporting behaviour such as delaying the game, bad language, arguing with umpires, grabbing the ring etc. As a result two free throws are awarded which can be taken by any member of the team.

Five Fouls

Any player who commits five personal fouls can take no longer part in the game


  • Breach of time rules
  • Travelling (running/stepping twice with the ball)
  • Kicking or punching the ball
  • Double dribble or carrying the ball whilst dribbling
  • Causing the ball to go out of bounds
  • Cross court (a ball passed from front court back into the back court)

After violation the opposing team are awarded a throw in at the nearest side line

Held Ball

If two oposing players simultaneously gain possession of the ball, those two players involved compete at a jump ball at the nearest circle

Time Outs

Each team is allowed two time outs per half

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