Changing Lives with Andy Vasily

· September 20, 2017

Keynote Recording from ConnectedPE Conference in Dubai

October 13-14th, 2017

In looking back at our own journeys, we all have specific reasons for choosing a career in the field of physical education and health. This keynote will challenge you to define why it is you chose this profession and to reflect deeply on the impact that you can have on changing lives forever through the work that you do. Striving to make a difference requires us to know and understand the guiding principles that not only allow us to thrive but also provide us the strength needed to face the inevitable hardship and obstacles we will no doubt experience at different times throughout our career.

What are the guiding principles that have allowed you to find joy, happiness, and success in the work that you do? Why is it so important to constantly reflect on our own journey of personal and professional growth? And lastly, how will the footprint you leave on our profession impact the next generation of teachers and students. These questions will be explored throughout this keynote speech.


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