Survival Guide to eLearning

Jarrod Robinson · March 31, 2020

eLearning is something that is new to all of us! Most of us have been tossed into the situation with little to no warning or perpetration. Something that might be intimidating to some.

In this session, we will be exploring some survival tips from someone who was thrown into eLearning suddenly and has made it through nine weeks! We will be exploring promising practices for distance learning, tips for survival and walkthrough a workflow that has kept things “normal” for professionals, students and families.

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    1. I agree with this. Especially finishing up my master’s over the summer; not taking any time to do things with family and get outside into a different mindset. Once I did, I found myself to be much less stressed.

  1. This was helpful and reassuring – we have all been floating in uncharted waters so to hear about how Jace is making it work and seeing that it aligns with what I have been doing gave me a sense of peace that I have been missing.