Teaching PE Online: The Positive Lessons Learned

Jarrod Robinson · March 31, 2020

Rachel has been teaching PE online since the beginning of February. To begin with she thought this would be for the short – term and quickly realised it would be for the long term.

Rachel would like to share her journey with you whilst focusing on the positives: – The increased teaching of Health Education – Student choice – Student leadership – Parent involvement – Less being more.

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  1. Thank you for sharing that amazing journey you had been teacher. Its really amazing when your students got to share things with their parents especially about physical education. I have been giving activities for my college students through online and theyre enjoying it. But the downside is that not all of them got to submit their output due to weak interner connection and it saddens me. Now learning the positive outsomes of having a very interesting plans for teaching PE online makes me eager to try it. Thanks and I have leaened a lot.

  2. Thanks Rachel – some great takeaways; particularly the positives that might come out of this in regard to students becoming more independent and PE mindful, not only in the school setting, but also in the home with parental support.

  3. Thank you Rachel, I have gain alot of ideas to present back to our PE department on how we could enrich our online learning experience and embed those ideas when we return to school.

  4. Thank you Rachel for this presentation, it is great to see how the teachers at your school are collaborating effectively. At my school in Thailand, we have a great team and are currently delivering some fantastic one-off active lessons as you mentioned, but the progressive and long-term approach could really help our time-management, as many of us teach other subjects. Much appreciated!